R programming resources


A list of my favourite R programming resources including Books, Courses, Cheatsheets, Websites and Apps:


Free Books

R Programming for Data Science by Roger D. Peng,

Advanced R by Hadley Wickham, 2014

A Little Book of R for Time Series by Avril Coghlan, 2015

The R Manuals by R Development Core Team

Learning Statistics with R by Daniel Navarro, 2015

LearnR by Kun Ren, 2015

R by Example by Ajay Shah, 2005

R Programming Wiki

Developing Data Products in R – This book is based on the Coursera Class “Developing Data Products” as part of the Data Science Specialization.



Data Camp – Introduction to R – Use R within a virtual environment in a browser

Swirl courses – Use within R itself, an R package to learn R

Coursera Data Science Specialization – Take the course for free by clicking on the course link


Rstudio Cheatsheets (DataViz, Package Development, Shiny, Data Wrangling and more)

RStudio Cheatsheet



Awesome R: A curated list of R frameworks, packages & software

RDataMining.com: R and Data Mining


R Language app for iPhone and iPad

R Programming Language iOS app


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