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Google Cloud Next 2019

by Harvinder

I had the opportunity to speak at another great Google Cloud Next conference. For those of you who couldn’t make it here are the highlights from #GoogleNext19 London:

Cloud Code is now generally available and has extensions for IDEs like Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ making Kubernetes development much faster.

Tensorflow is now available in a beta enterprise version with enterprise-grade support and managed services.

Google has added Explainable AI services to help you develop and interpret machine learning models.

Cloud Run, the fully managed solution for containerised serverless applications is now generally available.

Smart compose which already saves people from typing about 2 billion characters per week in Gmail is also coming to G-Suite.

If you have trust issues, External Key Manager will allow you to store and manage encryption keys with a third-party outside of Google Cloud.

A new Bare Metal Solution allows workloads to run on hardware co-located in Google Cloud data centres.

Apigee Hybrid is also generally available making the management of APIs across hybrid and multi-cloud easier.

Anthos Migrate is now general availability making it possible to take VM-based workloads on-prem or cloud environments and convert them into containers.

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